AKRON, OH & PACIFIC, MO – There are few things more troubling for vehicle owners than engine knocks. Maintenance professionals know it could be the sign of serious problems, like piston trouble or bad lower bearings. On the other hand, it could be something much different and far less costly to repair. That’s where the S.U.R.&R. FIC903 Intake Cleaner system in combination with Sea Foam Motor Treatment can provide critical maintenance which would make a pricey and time-consuming engine overhaul unnecessary.

This topic was tackled recently by 4WD Mechanix Magazine during an in-depth look at a problem with a Jeep inline six engine, which was presenting noises that sounded like a serious engine knock. But the initial diagnosis suggested other possibilities.

“Before tearing our Jeep 4.0L engine apart, we thoroughly cleaned the top end and injectors with S.U.R.&R.’s professional grade tools and Sea Foam® Motor Treatment,” according to article author Moses Ludel. “In most instances it would be wise to attempt these tuning measures first. If the knock remains, there is more serious trouble.”

Here is a detailed video that shows exactly how the team addressed the problem “with each step involved and the impressive results delivered.”

“After just over an hour of actual shop time, our engine ran reliably and noise free without the need for major work,” Ludel noted. “Quality S.U.R.&R. tuning and diagnostic tools save time and costly engine repairs. By cleaning the top engine with the FIC903 Intake Cleaner system, we tackled 176K miles of carbon and debris buildup in the intake ports, the valves, the piston crowns and the combustion chambers.”

When used with Sea Foam Motor Treatment, S.U.R.&R’s FIC 903 Intake Cleaner removes gum, varnish, and carbon deposits from Air Intake Systems, Combustion Chambers, EGR Valves, Intake Valves and Oxygen Sensors. The treatments provide more thorough cleaning than other methods and help increase gas mileage.

‘The time saved and pinpoint diagnostics separate ‘parts changers’ from real techs. S.U.R.&R. tools offer exceptional value, quickly paying for themselves!” Ludel wrote.

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AKRON, OH & PACIFIC, MO – S.U.R.&R., a leading supplier of fluid line repair kits and specialty tools used within the Automotive Aftermarket industry, has released a new product line that will help customers keep their operations cleaner and safer than ever before.

Oil Baron eliminates hydrocarbon spills and stains, making them nonflammable and nonhazardous in a matter of minutes. The active ingredients in Oil Baron are naturally occurring microbes, which convert hydrocarbons — like oil, grease, brake fluid, transmission fluid and grease — into water and carbon dioxide. What’s left can be washed away or disposed of without any special handling. Surfaces are clean, dry and oil-free.

This short video shows how Oil Baron works

“Anyone who’s spent time in a shop knows keeping oil off tools, parts and floors is a never-ending battle. Until now that is. Oil Baron is a game-changer,” said Bob Joy, S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager. “Oil Baron is much more effective, easier to use and safer for the environment than any other product available for keeping repair shops and service bays clean and safe.”

Professional Grade Oil Surface Cleaner
The liquid form of Oil Baron can be applied to horizontal surfaces using mops, automated floor scrubbers and pressure-washers. Oil Baron is also available in an aerosol foam spray that is ideal for cleaning tools, engine compartments and vertical surfaces.

The process for applying Oil Baron is the same as with conventional soap-based and acid-based products, but is more effective, safe, less expensive and lasts longer.

Deep Clean Formula for the Toughest Stains
Oil Baron Plus is the answer to handle the most difficult oil stains that have soaked into concrete and other surfaces. Simply apply, scrub and rinse. Oil Baron Plus works quickly. And it outperforms dangerous acids or conventional degreasing and poultice products.

Contact S.U.R.&R to learn more and to get pricing information at 1-800-390- 3996 or at info@surrauto.com.

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