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Improves Engine Performance And Decreases Harmful Emissions

  • Cleans gum, varnish, and carbon deposits from:
    Air Intake Systems
    Combustion Chambers
    EGR Valves
    Intake Valves
    Oxygen Sensors

  • Helps increase gas mileage

  • Easy to use: fill with Air Intake Cleaning solution and connect into vacuum line

  • Liquid filled gauge for accurate vacuum reading and monitoring chemical flow

  • Provides more thorough cleaning than other methods

Complete Cleaning In Just 10 Minutes


When an Engine ‘Knocks’, Turn to S.U.R.&R. and Sea Foam® First

Learn how this tool, along with other S.U.R.&R. tools can be used to cure an engine that is ‘knocking.’

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Intake System Cleaner Canister

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