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S.U.R.&R. is a leading supplier of an extensive line of fluid line repair kits and specialty tools used within the Automotive Aftermarket industry.

S.U.R.&R. Air Conditioning Line Repair Kit Overview

The Deluxe Air Conditioning Line Repair kit is a great alternative for costly replacement of damage cracked or kinked lines.

S.U.R.&R. Brake Line Repair Kit and Specialty Tools - Overview

This demonstration at Clete's Garage in O'Fallon, Illinois shows why busy technicians count on S.U.R.&R. for the best results in brake line repairs.

Fuel Line Kit Overview

This demonstration of the S.U.R.&R. Deluxe Fuel Line Replacement Kit shows how to quickly and safely fix fuel lines for virtually any vehicle

Transmission Line Kit Overview

The S.U.R.&R. Deluxe Transmission Oil Cooler Line Kit will fix almost any vehicle out there.

HL427 Heater Line Repair Kit

SURR HL427 Heater Line Repair kit makes repairing damaged heater line fast, simple, and affordable.


Deluxe fuel injection pressure tester kit diagnoses fuel delivery problems.

AC Products General Introduction

Includes information about products used for making A/C line repairs including for pinholes/cracks, damaged sections, and rear A/C system block offs.

RM69 Tubing Reamer

Brake Tubing Reamer prepares tubing for flaring in seconds.

FLS330 Fluid Line Stopper Kit

Contains fluid while you work.

HFT50 HYDRA Assist Flaring Tool

Instructional video to help learn the process to speed up flaring in your shop.

Automatic Ratcheting Tubing Cutter

TC60 Automatic/Ratcheting Tubing Cutter Instructional Video.

FIC903 Intake System Cleaner Canister

The FIC903 Intake Cleaner Canister makes it simple for both DIFM and DIY users to keep engines running smoothly.

TS14316 Tubing Straightener and Bending Pliers

The TS14316 Tubing Straightener & Bending Pliers from S.U.R.&R. allow you to make professional-grade lines instantly. Bend or straighten with a single tool.

TR555 Deluxe Transmission Oil Cooler Line Repair Kit

Repair or replace transmission lines in minutes with the TR555 Deluxe Transmission Oil Cooler Line Repair Kit.

GM64 Universal GM Module Fuel Level Sensor - Introduction

Fuel gauge not working? Save hundreds with the GM64 which makes repairing failing fuel gauges simple, fast and inexpensive.

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