Fuel Line Replacement Products


Stop Replacing Fuel Pumps Unnecessarily

The quick, inexpensive, and smart solution for hard-start problems involving the loss of fuel pressure.

Vehicle does not start normally. Key must be advanced multiple times to start. Engine runs properly once running. Symptom reoccurs after vehicle sits for extended period of time.

Electric fuel pumps have internal check valves which often fail. In turn, residual fuel pressure drops and starting problems occur.

Installing a new, in-line check valve solves starting problems quickly and easily.

Key Advantages

  • Avoid the labor time and mess associated with dropping the fuel tank
  • Install in-line (splice into fuel supply line outside of tank)
  • Complete typical repairs in 15 minutes on virtually any vehicle which uses a steel, nylon, or rubber fuel line
  • Eliminate the need to replace a costly fuel pump or module
  • Available in 5/16” (CKV5) and 3/8” (CKV7) line sizes



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