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A/C Line Repair & In-Line Filter Kit

Unique, Dual-Purpose Repair Kit Which Allows You To Repair A Damaged A/C Line Or Install An In-Line Filter

AC128 Advantages:

  • Save Time and Money – Repair damaged A/C lines including pinhole leaks, cracks, and more
  • Easy to Use – Simply cut out a damaged section (up to 2”) and install AC128
  • Multiple Sizes – Fits 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2” lines
  • Capable of housing any size orifice tube – installation clips included
  • Repair Cars, Trucks & SUV’s – Works on hundreds of domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Reduce Labor – Avoid difficult work removing and installing lines

Did you know …

  • Failed compressors send damaging debris throughout the A/C system?
  • It is OEM-recommended to install an inline filter when replacing a compressor?
  • The AC128 provides a low-cost insurance policy against further system damage?
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