S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, introduces Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Line Sets for replacement of damaged fuel lines in popular Chevrolet and GMC trucks (model years 2004 – 2010). These ready-to-install lines are simple to use, saving time and money for professional mechanics and do-it-yourself users alike.

Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Lines are designed to be both easy to install and durable. The fully-assembled lines (feed and EVAP) are pre-cut to length and include pre-attached connectors and mounting hardware. Corrosion-resistant nylon line material is covered by an abrasion-resistant sleeve that helps protect against harmful road debris.

“With the age of vehicles continuing to go up, averaging more than 12 years according to recent statistics, we are committed to delivering solutions that keep them going for the long haul,” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy. “The Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Line Sets are an affordable, installer-friendly solution to keep older GM trucks rolling even longer.”

Application Guide Makes Getting the Correct Replacement Line Simple

Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Lines feature flexible nylon which is easier to route than rigid OE lines.

The lines are pressure-rated up to 200 PSI and are safe for use with gasoline, ethanol and diesel engine systems.

Getting the correct line is simple as well. S.U.R.&R. offers three Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Line Sets that cover numerous GM truck models. An Application Guide for more than 180 unique applications is available here.

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Repair technicians now have more options with the new K555 Nylon Fuel Line Union Assortment from S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation. The nylon unions in this 12-piece assortment feature simple to use push-to-connect technology, which allows two sections of nylon fuel line to be connected by hand.

S.U.R.&R. Nylon Fuel Line Union Assortment

The K555 is a convenient option when repairing damaged fuel lines is better than replacement. The fittings connect one side of the repaired line to the other, using a quick connector that does not require a clamp or a wrench. The unions provide long-lasting repairs that save time and money, while being extremely popular with vehicle repair professionals.

“Technicians can connect two sections of nylon line easily by hand. Simply cut the two ends of the nylon and push them into the union. Especially for repairs made within tight spaces, this can be a big advantage. ” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy.

Fuel Line Repair Options from S.U.R.&R.

 The K555 Fuel Line Compression Union Assortment is another example of S.U.R.&R. providing a variety of options for vehicle repair. Currently available fuel line repair products include complete fuel line repairs kits (KP1500, KP1200 and KP112) along with  numerous connectors, adapters, unions and replacement nylon fuel line.

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Pacific, MO | June  24, 2021

Husky Corporation was recently re-certified under ISO 9001: 2015, the international standard for quality management systems. And the first time, the certification includes S.U.R.&R., the company’s vehicle fluid line repair division,  which offers specialty tools along with solutions for brake, fuel, air conditioning, coolant, transmission, and power steering lines.

In 2016 Husky acquired S.U.R.&R., retaining sales, purchasing, and customer service operations in Akron, Ohio with manufacturing and assembly operations taking place at facilities in Pacific, Missouri. When the three-year ISO 9001: 2015 recertification came due again in 2021, Husky management wanted to include S.U.R.&R as part of its scope of operations.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification Process

S.U.R.&R. started by meticulously documenting its processes. Many of the processes existed for years, including electronic data interchange (EDI) which provides for the secure exchange of customer order information, but had not been written down and vetted against established standards.

“It took me months to create work instructions for the S.U.R.&R Customer Service Representative position, documenting every single aspect of how we deal with our customers,” said Josh Lombardi, S.U.R.&R. Customer Service Representative. “It was absolutely worthwhile. We created a living document, so that when new and better ideas come up, we can add those improvements to our processes.”

Then Husky’s internal auditor reviewed the S.U.R.&R. processes. Internal audits are required as part of ISO certification, which look for evidence that goals are being established and met as well as work instructions are being followed according to benchmark standards.

“I remotely conducted an internal audit of the Akron facility, looking for improvement opportunities and/or any gaps in conformance to the ISO: 9001 2015 standard while making sure they were effectively performing against Husky’s policies and objectives as well. The standard provides tools and guidelines to consistently meet customer requirements and continue to improve, although it is up to us as a team to reach our goals,” said Greg Keys, Husky Corporation internal auditor. “We did a second audit for customer service and purchasing processes. We identified a few improvement opportunities; just some updates needed to be done to the system.”

That paved the way for a required external audit of all Husky processes, including those involving S.U.R.&R. This is the final step prior to ISO certification, and follows a successful internal audit and at least two months of documentation that the processes are meeting standards. The external audit was conducted by DQS Inc., an accredited third-party audit firm, with certification granted April 2021.

“The certification will definitely be beneficial for S.U.R.&R. long term. It gives an assurance to our customers that everything goes through a proper and documented procedure from the time  of order to their door, said Matt Miller, S.U.R.&R. purchasing representative.

What Quality Management Certification Means

ISO : 9000 2015 certification tells customers and suppliers alike that a company is committed to continuous improvement. That commitment is demonstrated over time. Even though ISO recertification occurs every three years, external surveillance audits of all processes are required each year. Husky takes that requirement a step further and calls for external audits every six months.

“It definitely says this team is driven by quality. They really want to see a quality product go out that door and not come back,” said Steve Baynham, Husky Corporation Quality Assurance Manager. “The certification helps S.U.R.&R. in the extremely competitive automotive aftermarket. It also differentiates us from companies that don’t have a registered quality management system.”

Companies that stand the test of time frequently point to quality as a characteristic of their success. Husky Corporation, which since 1947 has set the standard for developing general fueling and related products in the transportation sector, places quality as one of its key pillars. The quality policies, document control systems and methods to monitor key metrics help Husky develop processes for continuous improvement that will continue to drive the company in the years to come.

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Repair a variety of hydraulic fluid lines, and avoid the need to flare, with the new High Pressure Compression Union Assortment (product number HP200) from S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation.

The HP200 kit contains compression unions designed for heavy-duty hydraulic industrial and commercial applications and can be used to connect aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and heavy wall tubing without flaring.

Included within the kit are popular three-sixteenths and one-quarter inch sizes (quantity two of each). Unions are also available individually.

The unions meet SAE J512, SAE J514 and SAE J533 specifications for most high-pressure, high-vibration applications but are not recommended for hydraulic brake systems. The unions feature zinc plating that does not contain hexavalent chromium, which has been tied to a variety of health issues including skin irritation.

“Sometimes rather than replacing an entire line, repair is a better option. For example, if a fluid line problem can be isolated, whether the cause is corrosion or physical damage from debris of some kind, the HP200 kit offers ready solutions that will stand the test of time,” said Bob Joy, S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager.

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PACIFIC, MO / March 10, 2021 / TS224 Great for Technicians and DIY Users

S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, is adding the TS224 Multi-Size Tubing Straightener to its line of specialty tools that are popular with vehicle service professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

The handheld TS224 straightens 3/16” and 1/4” tubing with the flip of a convenient thumb-size selector, then slide the tubing through the straightener to eliminate curves or bends. It is a great solution for creating long and consistently straight lines from bulk tubing coils. The TS224 can be used in a vise or on the vehicle thanks to a compact design that makes the tool easy to grip and control.

“We are always looking for ways which allow line repair or replacement projects to be completed easier, both for vehicle technicians and DIY users,” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy. “The TS224 will deliver professional quality brake line straightening that will save time and money.”

The TS224 works well with S.U.R.&R. UltraBEND flexible brake line tubing and Max Flex Alloy tubing coils or bundles. And it complements the company’s line of specialty tools that are especially useful in fluid line projects such as TC40/TC60 cutters, RM21/RM69 Reamers, TP14316 Bender and TS14316 Straightener/Bender.

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PACIFIC, MO / AGILITYPR.NEWS / July 14, 2021 / Made in the USA: S.U.R.&R. CT500 Makes Any Size Clamp Anywhere

S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, is rolling out the CT500 Universal Clamp Making Tool Kit which will quickly create 360-degree wire seals that hold a wide variety of objects securely together.

The CT500 kit includes the clamp making tool engineered and manufactured at Husky Corporation facilities, 18-gauge stainless steel wire, a wire nut, and mini diagonal cutters. The potential uses for the CT500 kit are limited only by the imagination.

“The CT500 is great for making repairs involving clamping or banding, especially when other options don’t work as well or are not available. This is one of those handy, keep in the tool or glove box type of products that can save the day when nothing else will work,” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy. “The CT500 lets you make a clamp of virtually any diameter, as long as you have enough wire.”

Many clamp assemblies, like the common worm-gear clamp, don’t result in a uniform seal around the objects that need to be held tightly together. Wire clamps made with the CT500 however are true 360-degree seals with long-lasting connections thanks to durable stainless steel wire.

“The CT500 is a clever innovation with a relatively simple design,” said John Sever, Husky Product Design Engineer. “We are able to machine the main components here and assemble it all right here in Pacific, Missouri. If you need a good clamp fast, this is the tool for you.”

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AKRON, OH & PACIFIC, MO – S.U.R.&R., a leading supplier of fluid line repair kits and specialty tools used within the Automotive Aftermarket industry, has released a new product line that will help customers keep their operations cleaner and safer than ever before.

Oil Baron eliminates hydrocarbon spills and stains, making them nonflammable and nonhazardous in a matter of minutes. The active ingredients in Oil Baron are naturally occurring microbes, which convert hydrocarbons — like oil, grease, brake fluid, transmission fluid and grease — into water and carbon dioxide. What’s left can be washed away or disposed of without any special handling. Surfaces are clean, dry and oil-free.

This short video shows how Oil Baron works

“Anyone who’s spent time in a shop knows keeping oil off tools, parts and floors is a never-ending battle. Until now that is. Oil Baron is a game-changer,” said Bob Joy, S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager. “Oil Baron is much more effective, easier to use and safer for the environment than any other product available for keeping repair shops and service bays clean and safe.”

Professional Grade Oil Surface Cleaner
The liquid form of Oil Baron can be applied to horizontal surfaces using mops, automated floor scrubbers and pressure-washers. Oil Baron is also available in an aerosol foam spray that is ideal for cleaning tools, engine compartments and vertical surfaces.

The process for applying Oil Baron is the same as with conventional soap-based and acid-based products, but is more effective, safe, less expensive and lasts longer.

Deep Clean Formula for the Toughest Stains
Oil Baron Plus is the answer to handle the most difficult oil stains that have soaked into concrete and other surfaces. Simply apply, scrub and rinse. Oil Baron Plus works quickly. And it outperforms dangerous acids or conventional degreasing and poultice products.

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